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Score88Poker Domino Jackpot

By Rednef 0 Comment August 20, 2018

blue-carrot.comScore88Poker Domino Jackpot. The Score88Poker is a platform which allows skilled gamblers to earn real money with simple and easy tricks. Many people think that gambling games are very tough to understand and play. But that not true. Once you learn the basic skills of the gambling games, it won’t take much time to advance those skills and reaptheir benefits. Winning a big jackpot is like a dream of many people, and you can make this dream come true with The players can buy the Domino Jackpot and win a huge amount of money. But at first, the players have to register themselves on the website portal and make a payment of 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah. The down payment is done because of some reliability issues. This payment ensures that only the customers who want to invest some money in the gambling games are allowed to register.


You can buy the Domino Multi Jackpot onthe website itself. Follow the Global jackpot available on the website, and it will provide multiple options for the customers to buy a jackpot and win prizes. The Domino Jackpot is also an additional feature of the website similar to Texas Poker Jackpot. You have three choices in the Jackpot price named as 100, 500 and 1000 rupiah. By placing a bid on the Domino jackpot, you can win prizes as:

  • Pure Small x 50 by the price of the jackpot you buy.
  • Pure Big x 50 of the price you buy.
  • BALAK x 100 of the price you buy.
  • Six Gods x 6666 of the jackpot price you buy.

This is the criteria to help the players win the Domino jackpot through The users are completely free to choose any game they like. The other game available on the website includes Poker, Ceme, Ceme Around, Capsa, Super10, and Omaha. The website is an online card agent for these games. They provide a 24-hour online poker service with customer support. You can also download the games to your mobile phones and contact the agents through social media apps. There is also another option to contact the agents via email or contact number.

You can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere as it’s convenient. It’s the most trusted and reliable online Poker website in Indonesia, and now it’s also getting popular in other countries too. Try your luck at these games and see if you have what it takes.